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FHA President makes Top 25 of the Florida Power 100

9/22/2022 10:02:27 PM

Mary C. Mayhew, President and CEO, was named one of the most influential political players in the Sunshine State.

This ranking, which is the first in a series of City & State Florida power lists to be published on a monthly basis, is based on extensive reporting and research by City & State Florida.City & State Florida.

Mary Mayhew / Craft Creek Photography

As the health care industry wrestled with COVID-19, Mary Mayhew navigated Florida’s hospitals through the increasingly political landscape of care and compliance. The one-time DeSantis appointee, now a top industry lobbyist, started this year assuring everyone that despite a federal and state disagreement over vaccine mandates for employees, hospitals focus on providing critical medical services to anyone in need. More recently she has used her platform to sound the alarm over worsening staff shortages and to applaud partnerships and higher education programs aimed at opening the pipeline.

View President Mayhew and the other influential players in the state at the Florida Power 100.

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