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FHA Collateral: Growing the Health Care Workforce

Florida’s Hospitals’ Strategic Investments are Re-Building the Health Care Workforce

Florida hospitals are seeing a 38% reduction in nurse turnover and vacancy rates, according to the Florida Hospital Association's 2023 survey. Despite these improvements, the state anticipates significant healthcare professional shortages by 2035. Read the full report for a comprehensive overview.

Download the FHA Workforce Report


2023 Workforce Vacancy Turnover Analysis

Florida hospitals and health care providers are showing signs of improvement in the workforce compared to last year, but continue to face challenges with critical staffing shortages, exponential increases in labor costs, and an ongoing dependency on temporary staffing and travel nurses. While there has been progress, the situation remains concerning.

The analysis presented here was surveyed from Florida hospitals to gather data on hospital workforce staffing issues such as vacancy and turnover rates. This data highlights the strides made since last year but also underscores the persistent and very dire situation Florida’s hospitals are still facing.

Hospital Labor Cost Analysis

Florida hospitals and health care systems continue to face critical workforce shortages, exponential growth in their labor costs, and ongoing dependency on temporary staffing.

The dramatic rise in hospital labor costs—combined with inflation and significant losses in hospital budget reserves from the stock market decline—increases the financial strain on hospitals.

Nurse Pipeline Funding

During the last legislative session, FHA helped to secure $125 million in new state funding for nursing education.

Part of these funds also create incentives for collaboration between nursing education programs and health care partners to meet changing workforce demands.

Increasing Healthcare Workforce Retention

One of the most significant challenges for health care leaders is the recruitment and retention of the health care workforce. Each organization is unique and has many complexities that influence their recruitment and retention plan. In the next 10-15 years, the projected demand for health care workers will exceed the supply and is expected to outpace the growth of other industry sectors.
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