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Journey Toward Zero Harm: The Impact of Nasal Decolonization

Healthcare organizations continue their emphasis on Patient Safety, “to do no harm.”  This presentation tells the story of a hospital’s journey to successfully incorporate nasal decolonization into existing infection prevention strategies. It will review results achieved and additional studies of similar success. Following the presentation, attendees will understand the rationale for nasal decolonization and key organizational essentials that facilitate effective implementation and infection reduction.

Learning Objectives
1. Explain how to engage frontline staff and secure leadership support to effectively sustain change. 
2. Explore the impact of high colonization pressure on healthcare associated infection.
3. Describe successful implementation of nasal decolonization into existing patient care processes.


4/10/2024 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
Registration is closed.
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