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Economic Impact

The University of Florida-IFAS report documents hospitals’ multi-billion-dollar economic contribution to the state.

    Key Findings:
  • Florida hospitals had an annual economic output contribution of $177.8 billion.
  • They directly employed more than 322,000 Floridians.
  • Total annual hospital payroll exceeded $28 billion.
  • Each hospital job supports 1.73 additional jobs in the state.
  • Every $1 spent by a hospital supports $1.25 in additional business activity.

As Florida’s population continues to grow, the state’s future economic success is intertwined with sustaining a vibrant, financially strong, and sophisticated health care system ready to deliver high-quality modern health care services today and into the future.

Read FHA's full press release: Florida's Hospitals are Vital to State's Thriving Economy.

Economic Contributions of Florida Hospitals and Affiliated Healthcare Businesses in 2021

“Economic Contributions of Florida Hospitals and Affiliated Healthcare Businesses in 2021” by the University of Florida-IFAS economists Alan W. Hodges, Ph.D., and Christa D. Court, Ph.D., documents the immense economic contributions Florida’s hospitals have through their roles as health care providers, employers, and purchasers.

Download the report here.


2021 Economic Impact Report Handout

Florida’s hospitals continue to contribute heavily to the statewide economy as economic pillars that create and sustain jobs. Hospitals serve as reliable purchasers of good and services statewide. The new report highlights the significant economic impact hospitals and the broader health care industry have on job creation and financial contribution by hospital and directly affiliated health care enterprises.

Download the handout here.


2021 Economic Impact Report Fact Sheet

Florida’s hospitals are vital to the state’s thriving economy; and Florida health care workers can count on Florida hospitals to provide for their families. Hospitals provide 1.24 million jobs for Florida families, and one in 10 jobs across the state are tied to Florida hospitals and affiliated health care businesses.

Download the fact sheet here.


Congressional Impact Reports

Download an individual reports on the economic impact of each congressional district in Florida. 

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