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State Advocacy

In today’s rapidly changing health care environment, hospitals face many challenges – from workforce shortages and costs and supply chain disruptions to emergency response needs and financing and reimbursement changes. The Florida Hospital Association provides its members with the necessary leadership and effective advocacy to address these challenges and help build and sustain a world-class health system for all Floridians.


Legislative Priorities

Growing The Health Care Workforce

FHA works with lawmakers, regulators, and other stakeholders to address critical workforce shortages, the exponential growth in staffing costs, and other workforce challenges.

Preserving Health Care Funding

FHA advocates for a state budget that appropriately and fairly covers the cost of health care, particularly for those in the Medicaid program.

Increasing Access To Behavioral Health

FHA supports policies and funding that increase access to community-based behavioral health care services and reduces reliance on hospital emergency departments.

Holding Payers Accountable

FHA pursues policy solutions to address barriers to high-quality, timely patient care and advocates for increased accountability and transparency among health care payers.

Eliminating Over-Regulation

FHA opposes burdensome and duplicative regulatory and statutory requirements that detract from patient care and add to health care costs.

FHA Legislative Priorities

FHA works with hospital advocates in the legislature to support legislation that helps hospitals better serve their patients and communities and to oppose legislation that imposes unnecessary barriers to timely access to care.

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