Coding and Documentation
Compliance Audits               

The Florida Hospital Association Management Corporation, Health Information Management Services (FHAMC/HIMS) Coding and Billing Audits provides expert HIM coding specialists to review documentation and coding to evaluate compliance with the official coding and billing guidelines.  The findings of the audit are then used to educate the hospital coders, medical staff, and business office personnel to improve documentation and billing compliance.

Our auditors are Certified Coding Specialists with a minimum of 5 years coding experience in coding and billing for hospitals and physician services.  All auditors have maintained a coding accuracy rate of 95% or above on our internal quality assurance audits.

FHAMC offers several different comprehensive audit options:

    • Inpatient Data Compliance & Quality Improvement Program
    • Outpatient Data Compliance & Quality Improvement Program
    • Physician Practice Coding and Billing Compliance

To request more information or a proposal, please contact Jennifer Greenhalgh.