Program Implementation

FHA Management Corporation health care professionals will work with the physicians and other health care professionals at the facility to implement the Clinical Documenation Improvement (CDI) program as follows:

    • Meet with the Director over the CDI program
    • Develop Policies and Procedures
    • Meet with key stakeholders to assess the readiness for supporting a CDI program
    • Obtain all necessary data reports from the facility in order to analyze key to begin the CDI program
    • Conduct additional documentation reviews
    • Meet with Department/Program Chairs to discuss the findings of the ICD-10 Gap Analysis, the additional Documentation Review, implementation of current CDI/query process
    • The Department/Program Chairs will set-up meetings with the medical staff of the department for an introduction to the CDI program with a focus on goals and processes
    • Begin the training of the hospital CDI specialist in ICD-9-CM, MS-DRG concepts, query concepts and mentoring with the FHAMC CDI team

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