CDI Physician-to-Physician Education              

Physician documentation is the single-most important element of the medical record accounting for the facilities' ability to submit appropriate claims, defend medical necessity, monitor performance and substantiate quality of care, etc.  It was also important to remind physicians that their commitment to improved documentation was worth their while. With an increase in physician profiling, physicians would have a stake in ensuring that documentation accurately reflected the severity of their cases.

FHA Management Corporation will provide a highly qualified physician to meet with the members of your medical staff to educate them on the importance of complete, detailed medical documentation and will provide insight into the requirements of regulatory and accrediting bodies.  A physician documentation advisor will be on-site for up to 8 hours and will conduct multiple presentations thoughout the day in order to give your medical staff the opportunity to attend.

Presentation Objectives

  • External forces driving documentation improvement
  • Internal forces driving documentation improvement
  • Key areas of deficient documentation
  • Expectations of a clinical documentation improvement program
  • What's in it for the physicians?

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