December 17, 2020

Florida’s Hospitals Invest More Than $4.9 Billion in Programs and Services to Improve Health in Their Communities

Florida Hospital Association’s 2020 Community Benefit Report profiles community benefit programs

Tallahassee, FL - Florida's hospitals contribute $4.9 billion in benefits and services to their communities that go beyond the provision of direct health care, according to the Florida Hospital Association's 2020 Community Benefit Report.

This community benefit investment includes:

  • $3.9 billion in free care for low-income patients.
  • $390.5 million in services associated with health professional education, workforce development, and research.
  • $642.1 million in community health improvement and community building activities.

View a copy of the 2020 Community Benefit Report.

"Florida's hospitals continually demonstrate leadership, vision and commitment to care as they work to meet the diverse needs of their communities," said Mary Mayhew, president and CEO, Florida Hospital Association. "We are delighted to shine a spotlight on their important and deeply inspiring work."

The 2020 Community Benefit Report highlights 27 hospitals and programs that demonstrate how hospitals go beyond their walls to improve lives and strengthen communities. The report also gives specific examples of several hospitals' COVID-19 efforts, from phone lines to reduce loneliness among isolating elderly to helping local businesses reopen safely.

Florida's hospitals work with stakeholders and community partners to identify, prioritize and address critical health care needs in their local communities through regular community needs health assessments. This collaboration with local partners has led to stronger communities with better health outcomes.

Community benefit is a well-defined and long-standing federal standard for non-profit hospitals. Hospitals report their spending annually using the IRS Form 990 Schedule, and the IRS strictly defines what counts as community benefit: improving access to health care services, enhancing the health of the community, advancing medical or health knowledge, or relieving or reducing the burden of government or other community health efforts.