June 28, 2018

#WhyImHIIN Selfie Statement Campaign

The HRET HIIN Selfie Statement is an ongoing campaign to encourage and support more meaningful conversations between people who have chosen social service as a career. The campaign highlights and celebrates health, social and personal care professionals through identifying what motivates them to come to work every day to improve patient lives through committing to reducing harms. As part of the HRET and FHA MTC HIIN network, we encourage you share your story and promote the project to your peers, and to have conversations beyond "why I do, what I do" to build deeper relationships and understanding of those in the field.

On Jun. 25 at the FHA Infection Prevention National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Workshop, the attendees posed for our camera to share their selfie statements. View FHA's #WhyImHIIN slideshow. Also visit the HRET HIIN Selfie Statement webpage to see how others are participating in the campaign.

To participate, print the selfie statement flyer and write (or draw) a statement describing why you do, what you do. Take a selfie with your statement and send it to HIIN@fha.org. Please also use the hashtag #WhyImHIIN and post to social media platforms. Images shared have the potential to be shared on FHA's social media pages, posted online or used for marketing purposes.