June 7, 2018

Strategies for Reducing Surgical Site Infections (SSI) - Colon

In Florida, SSI-Colon remains one of the most challenging outcomes to address in the hospital setting. Currently, as well as in recent months, it is the only harm that has increased for FHA MTC HIIN hospitals. Surgical site infections in general are some of the most common hospital associated infections reported and can be disproportionately higher among patients that have had colon surgery. Patients who acquire SSI are known to have significant patient complications with adverse clinical outcomes. While advances have been made in infection control practices including improved operating room ventilation, sterilization methods, barriers, surgical technique and availability of antimicrobial prophylaxis, surgical site infections remain a substantial cause of morbidity, prolonged hospitalization and death.

Preventing SSI-Colon requires a multidisciplinary approach with patient and family engagement to successfully address the complexity of multiple variables specific to patients and patient populations, processes, organizational factors and surgical practice. Review the FHA SSI-Colon Prevention Resource Guide for recommendations and resources to support your improvement efforts.

On Thursday, Jun. 21, at 2:00 p.m. ET, Mayo Clinic Hospital in Florida and Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center will be presenting on the FHA MTC HIIN Peer Sharing Webinar: Strategies for Reducing SSI-Colon. Join this very important best practices session to learn how this preventable harm was identified as a priority at each hospital and how they successfully implemented programs and improved processes that have had a significant impact on the outcomes for their patients undergoing colon procedures. Register online to receive webinar access details.