April 6, 2018

Opioid Prescribing: Show Them the Data!

A recent article in Academic Emergency Medicine, titled Effect of a Data‐driven Intervention on Opioid Prescribing Intensity Among Emergency Department Providers: A Randomized Controlled Trial, studied the ability of Emergency Department (ED) physicians to accurately perceive their own opioid prescribing patterns. 75% of these physicians underestimated their opioid prescribing patterns, and these same physicians, once shown the data, reduced their opioid prescribing over the subsequent six to twelve months.

Are you collecting and sharing ED physicians' opioid prescribing patterns and sharing these results with these physicians? Suggested data to collect and share are:

  • Number of patients receiving opioids per 100 of each individual physician's patients
  • Percent of opioid naïve patients who receive more than a 5-day supply of opioids
  • Percent of patients who receive any refills of opioids

Are you looking at this issue? What are your processes? What are your stories of success or failure?

(HRET-HIIN-ADE Listserv, 04/04/18: Steve Tremain, MD, FACPE, Physician Improvement Advisor, Cynosure Health)