June 27, 2018

HIIN Hospitals Sharing Best Practices and Strategies for Reducing SSI-Colon

On Thursday, Jun. 21, Dorin Colibaseanu, MD, and A.C. Burke, director of infection prevention, from Mayo Clinic and Michelle Hunt, BSMT, ASCP, CIC, manager of infection prevention, Daniel Haight, MD, vice president community health/medical director infection prevention, and Diane Campbell, MSN, CSSBB, AVP of regulatory and medical affairs infection prevention from Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center presented on the FHA Mission to Care Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) Peer Sharing Webinar: Strategies for Reducing Surgical Site Infections (SSI) Related to Colon Procedures.

The hospitals shared best practices and strategies on how they have been successful in implementing programs and improving processes that have had a significant impact on the outcomes for their patients undergoing colon procedures. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Know and understand the "drivers" for patient outcomes for colorectal procedures so that an effective approach and action plan can be designed
  • Understand that a robust culture of safety is critical in supporting efforts to eliminate harm and engaging a multidisciplinary team from bedside staff to surgeons
  • Assess and evaluate adherence to "best practice" using interviews, observations, audits and research
  • Adopt and adapt to bundled evidence-based practices that include perioperative interventions and engagement of the patients
  • When making changes to process, begin with small tests of change
  • Measure the effectiveness of process improvement change and communicate results to the team on an ongoing basis so they know they are making a difference
  • Include accountability for sustainability of outcomes
  • Access the event archives to learn more

Preventing SSI-Colon requires a multidisciplinary approach with patient and family engagement to successfully address the complexity of multiple variables specific to patients and patient populations, processes, organizational factors and surgical practice. Review the FHA SSI-Colon Prevention Resource Guide for recommendations and resources to support your improvement efforts.