June 22, 2018

HIIN Hospitals Learn Sedation Safety Strategies

During the recent FHA Mission to Care HIIN WAKE UP meetings held in Orlando on Jun. 12 and Pensacola on Jun. 14, HIIN hospital participants learned strategies to prevent patient harm related to oversedation. Dr. Steve Tremain, physician improvement advisor for Cynosure Health discussed the importance of promoting sedation safety and the goals of pain management. The afternoon sessions focused on the early recognition and treatment of hospital-onset sepsis, with peers sharing their barriers and successes. Orlando meeting attendees heard an additional presentation on antibiotic stewardship by Dr. Daniel Haight, vice president, community health, and medical director, infection prevention for Lakeland Regional Health and associate professor at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine in Tampa. Dr. Haight's presentation provided information on the core elements of a successful antibiotic stewardship program and an implementation action plan.

The WAKE UP component is the third installment of the UP Campaign, which is designed to simplify safe care,  streamlining interventions to improve care across several topic areas. WAKE UP promotes opioid and sedation management with the goal of reducing unnecessary sleepiness and sedation, which allows for early mobilization, reduction of delirium, decreased risk of respiratory compromise and shortened length of stay. Monitoring reversal agents and maintaining a continued emphasis on minimal sedation can assist in the prevention of several harm events: adverse drug events, airway safety, delirium, failure to rescue, falls, ventilator-associated events and venous thromboembolism.

For more information or questions about WAKE UP strategies, contact the FHA HIIN team.