April 12, 2018

End PJ Paralysis

The Chief Nurse of London issued a challenge in early March: get patients in their own clothes for the next 70 days. The national campaign aims to get patients moving and end "PJ paralysis." In a pilot with nine trusts (hospitals), they gained back 91,728 days through earlier discharges, the equivalent of 250 years' worth of precious time, as a result of getting patients up and dressed, according to NHS England. The evidence shows that getting patients up and dressed speeds up their recovery - enabling them to leave the hospital at the earliest opportunity while minimizing the harms from prolonged immobility.

Clinicians involved in this drive report that patients wearing their own clothes in the hospital further enhances their dignity, safety and retains their sense of identity.

The strategy of wearing "day clothes" is not unique to the U.K. Wearing street clothes post-op day one after a knee or hip replacement is spreading around U.S. hospitals too.

Have you tapped into this strategy to promote mobility and reduce length of stay? Learn more about the #endPJparalysis campaign: 

(HRET-HIIN-Hospital-Wide-Topics Listserv, 03/30/18: Jackie Conrad, RN, BS, MBA, RCC, Improvement Advisor, Cynosure Health)