June 22, 2018

A Movement toward Movement

There is a "movement toward movement" in the FHA/HRET Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN). Hospitals participating in the FHA Mission to Care HIIN are implementing early progressive mobility strategies to allow patients to return to function more quickly. They are also focused on the importance of including patients and families in their care plan to learn what would motivate the patient to mobilize more while in the hospital. To support the "movement toward movement" messaging, HRET HIIN has created a patient-focused Get UP Poster to emphasize that mobility is medicine.

The following story, which was posted to the HRET HIIN LISTSERV on Jun. 15, 2018, by Jackie Conrad RN, BS, MBA, RCC™, improvement advisor for Cynosure Health, is a perfect example of how from just one conversation with one patient, caregivers can garnish "pearls" on what matters most to the patient.

I would like to share a story I heard the day after a Get UP workshop in New Hampshire.

A nurse who attended the Get UP workshop described a conversation that occurred while walking with one of her patients the next day. The nurse asked the patient, "What ideas do you have to encourage patients to walk in the hallways on our unit?"

The patient responded, "When you turn this corner, the wall is bare. Wouldn't it be nice to have a "search and find" picture there? Patients could take a break if needed and look at the picture and find, let's say, a heart or flower."

He went on to suggest that "for walking you could earn a ticket to play bingo. You would have to walk to get the bingo card, and if you win a prize, you will have to walk to get the prize." He also added, "I like the idea of a pedometer. Counting laps isn't as meaningful as how many steps a day."

Two ideas for your thoughts and consideration:

  • In the field, staff are reporting how patients ambulating the floors lightens the atmosphere and how they are getting to know their patients better when they walk and talk. Can mobility help us bring joy back to work?
  • The patient's suggestion to have a mentally stimulating picture to look at on the wall could potentially help keep patients mentally sharp and free of delirium. Mobility and mental stimulation can prevent delirium. Can this strategy reduce burden by reducing delirium on your unit