UP Campaign

Hospitals are tackling multiple initiatives to reduce patient harm and implementing an increasing number of safe practices to ensure that patients get the best care possible. To provide an approach that provides strategies to tackle many of the areas of harm, the HRET HIIN created the UP Campaign.  Designed to simplify safe care, streamline interventions and reduce multiple forms of harm, the UP Campaign provides hospitals with simple and easy-to-accomplish activities by consolidating basic interventions that cut across several topics to decrease harm. The UP Campaign provides broad strategies to prevent ADE, Airway Safety, Delirium, CAUTI, CLABSI, CDI, Failure to Rescue, Falls, MDRO, Pressure Injuries, Readmissions, Sepsis, SSI, VAE and VTE.

The UP Campaign is made up of three components:

FHA will focus on each of these components each quarter to provide training, tools and resources to assist hospitals in implementing the interventions.


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FHA UP Campaign Launch Webinar Video | Slide Presentation

HRET HIIN UP Campaign: The Way UP


For more information, contact FHA HIIN at hiin@fha.org or 407-841-6230