Falls with Injury

The National Quality Forum (NQF) defines a fall as an unplanned descent to the floor (or extension of the floor e.g., trash can or other equipment) with or without injury to the patient. Falls are the largest category of reported incidents in hospitals. Hospital fall and injury rates vary due to patient population, patient risk factors, the presence of fall prevention programs and interventions, and the definition of the fall rate metric utilized by the hospital. The strongest predictor of a fall is a previous fall.

Among adults aged 65 or greater, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death, the most common cause of non-fatal injuries and the leading cause of hospital admissions for trauma. Fall risk and the associated injury and cost are challenges within health care facilities and in the community. ADD A CLOSING LINE ONE WHAT WE ARE DOING TO ADDRESS THIS (PER MC EDITS)

Goal: By September 27, 2018, a 20 percent reduction in patient falls