Enhancing Hospital Skills 

Quality Improvement (QI) Fellowships
In partnership with HRET and IHI, FHA is pleased to introduce the QI Fellowship program. Individuals working in nursing, quality, pharmacy and patient safety commit to an eleven month virtual fellowship aimed at helping to build and apply QI skills in service of driving change and accelerating improvement sin patient care with their organizations. This program is a tremendous opportunity to offer training to emerging quality and safety leaders in their organization free of cost. Individuals that are interested in developing or deepening their skills in quality improvement may choose to enroll in one of two tracks:

  • Foundations for Change: This fellowship is tailored to those who are new to quality improvement. Throughout the fellowship, we will discuss tools like aim statements, driver diagrams and run charts. You will learn to develop and sustain momentum, mitigate common improvement pitfalls and recruit and inspire others to join in your efforts! [Participating Fellows] (See Excel Spreadsheet: GROUP\HEN\HIIN\Fellowship\For MTC HIIN Webpage)
  • Accelerating Improvement: This fellowship is personalized for those who are looking to assess whether their quality improvement efforts are set up for success. You will learn to utilize data to identify, drive and sustain performance improvement, plan for spread and scale and diminish common improvement difficulties. Lastly, this fellowship will explore reliability and sustainability and how it relates to quality work. [Participating Fellows] (See Excel Spreadsheet: GROUP\HEN\HIIN\Fellowship\For MTC HIIN Webpage)


Don't miss the opportunity to enroll in Florida's Improvement Army! The next Quality Improvement Fellowship cohort will begin enrollment in December 2017. The Fellowships are open to employees of FHA Mission to Care HIIN hospitals. Enrollment is free, and there is no limit to the number of individuals that register from each hospital.

The Relationship of Engagement in Improvement Practices to Outcome Measures in Large-Scale Quality Improvement Initiatives