DRG Workgroup               

FHA has established a workgroup to assist with the analysis of the Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) plan options and to provide recommendations to the Agency for Health Care Administration. The goal is to be able to present a comprehensive and united response to the draft plan by bringing FHA members together to comment as the process moves forward. If you are interested in participating on this workgroup, or would like receive information developed by the workgroup, contact Katie Woodward at (850) 222-9800.

Workgroup Objectives 

  1. Create a workgroup with specific knowledge of DRGs to review policy statements, analyze various payment models, assess accuracy of data and suggest alternative DRG approaches.
  2. Improve on the suggested models offered by MGT of America with the goal of creating a balanced, equitable, predictable approach to hospital payments, which encourages the use of local tax resources, maximizes appropriate payments and creates incentives for quality and efficiency.
  3. Assist with the design of the final DRG model and suggest reasonable implementation timelines and stages to avoid disruption in the payment cycle for hospitals.

AHCA Public Hearing on Conversion to DRGs (November 2012)

On Nov. 15 the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) held its third public hearing on the conversion from a per diem payment model to an all patient refined diagnosis related group (APR DRG) payment model. Navigant, the consultant working on this conversion, presented summary level analyses for several different models and detailed information on the model included in the draft recommendation. View meeting materials below:

Additional DRG Meeting Materials