February 22, 2013

House Select PPACA Committee Hears Hospital Testimony

On Monday, the Florida House Select Committee on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) heard from hospital leaders who advocated for the extension of Medicaid coverage under PPACA. FHA would like to thank Mark Robitaille, president and CEO of Martin Health System, and Tommy Inzina, COO of BayCare Health System, for their compelling testimony regarding the importance of extending health care coverage to a million or more uninsured Floridians.

The senior executives were steadfast in their support for accepting federal funds to extend health care coverage to lower-income, working Floridians. They explained that everyone in Florida is a consumer of health services, whether it's through primary care covered by insurance or through emergency rooms used by the uninsured who often delay preventive care.

Hospital testimony focused on the improvements in health status for covered individuals, hospital Medicare cuts of $10 billion over the next 10 years and the Florida Remedy, the statewide initiative in favor of extending coverage to uninsured Floridians through PPACA.

Deliberations will continue throughout the Legislative Session. Both the House and Senate Committees are expected to make their final recommendations by March 4.