March 28, 2013

FHA to Release Job Projections for Health Care Extension

Tomorrow, FHA will release a revised report by the University of Florida Food & Resource Economics Department that shows extending health care coverage by using $51 billion in federal funds would create over 121,000 permanent, high-wage jobs over the next ten years.

Employment impacts would be highest in the large metropolitan counties of Miami-Dade (23,655 jobs), Broward (12,665 jobs), Palm Beach (8,455 jobs), Orange (8,019 jobs) and Hillsborough (7,377 jobs). Major industries that would be most impacted include: construction, educational services, health care, manufacturing, transportation and real estate, among others.

A total of $5.41 billion in tax revenue for local and state governments would be generated over a 10-year period, or an average of $541 million per year. The revised projection is based on new estimates released by the Florida Legislature's Office of Economic and Demographic Research (March 7, 2013).

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