January 5, 2018

Constitutional Revision Commission Update

In December 2017, the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) General Provisions Committee met to discuss proposal (P) 54 related to certificate of need (CON) for hospitals, nursing homes and hospice care. The Committee adopted Commissioner Brecht Heuchan's proposed strike-all amendment. The amendment still prohibits the state from limiting the number of health care facilities through CON, but licensure laws would remain in place.

The proposal passed the General Provisions Committee on a 5-2 vote with Commissioners Nuñez and Thurlow-Lippisch voting no.
P54 will now advance to the full CRC for consideration. If the majority vote of the full CRC is obtained, the proposal will be sent to the Style and Drafting Committee to draft ballot initiative wording. The full CRC will then hold a hearing to discuss the proposal as revised by the Style and Drafting Committee and receive public input before its final vote. An affirmative vote of no fewer than 22 CRC Commissioners is required for a proposal to be placed on the ballot.

Committee meetings will resume in Tallahassee on Jan. 11, 12, 18  and 19. Meetings will be held on Thursdays and Fridays to avoid scheduling conflicts with the 2018 Legislative Session, which begins Jan. 9.

Beginning Feb. 6, the full Commission plans to hold six public meetings around the state to seek input on the proposals that have advanced from committees to consideration of the full CRC. Each meeting will be held from 1-7p.m. in the following counties:
Feb. 6 - Broward
Feb. 19 - Brevard
Feb. 20 - Duval
Feb. 27 - Escambia
March 13 - Pinellas

View FHA's position paper on CON deregulation and talking points.

Hospitals are encouraged to ask all CRC Commissioners to vote NO on P54 related to certificate of need. Click here to contact the CRC via email.

Contact Crystal Stickle, vice president of government affairs, at (850) 222-9800 with any questions