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Effective February 13, 2013


The Florida Hospital Association (FHA) is committed to protectinginformation disclosed through this website. Your use of this website, or anyinquiry or comment you send, may be disclosed to FHA affiliates and authorizedentities solely to advance the mission and purpose of FHA.

Use of Information

The information you provide is used to respond to your comment orinquiry and to provide various services to you.


This website collects information about your browser type, browserversion, operating system and IP address, which is technical information sharedby your browser automatically. We also collect information on which documentsyou request and the pages you view at this site. We keep personal informationon the identity of an individual visitor if you or your company has providedthe information at any time whether provided electronically, in writing orverbally.


Any transmission you make on the Internet is not secure.Therefore, you should always be concerned about any personally identifiableinformation that you submit on the Internet.

Personal Identifying Information

We collect personally identifiable information. We may ask foryour name, street address, city, county, state, zip code, e-mail address andmay request your telephone number. In the case of mailing lists, we will askfor your e-mail address. If you make a purchase we will ask for your creditcard number or bank account information. You are able to unsubscribe at anytime from a mailing list.

Personally identifying information includes, but is not limitedto, your:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company or Organization
  • Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Web Address
  • Password 


We do not require that you register for general access to ourwebsite. We collect any personally identifiable information from anyinformation you or your company submit or otherwise provide to us and theinformation automatically provided by your browser. If you choose to registeras a member or advocate, to sign up for one of our mailing lists, yourregistration information will be permanently stored and used. Your registrationinformation may be added to or combined with other personally identifiable informationthat we have already collected.


If you sign up for one of our mailing lists and decide tounsubscribe, your information will not be deleted from our servers, but youre-mail address will be removed from the mailing list.


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer that are usedto identify you, often without your knowledge, while visiting certain sites onthe Internet. For example, cookies are used by some sites to greet youpersonally, to post a list of your favorite books to purchase, to remember whatyou had in your shopping basket the last time you visited.

When using this website, cookies will be placed on your computer.The cookies are used to facilitate the interaction between you and our webpages. These cookies are used to collect or store information on you and trackyou if you return to our website. The cookies are permanent and will not bedeleted when you exit your browser.

You can prevent cookies from being placed on your computer byaccessing your browser's preferences menu and deleting existing cookies. Therealso are commercial programs available to help you manage cookies. Beforetaking such steps, you should be aware that some websites, including ours, willnot work properly if you choose to block the placement of cookies on yourcomputer. You will need to decide whether enabling cookies outweigh privacyconcerns.


Any changes in this privacy policy will be posted at least 30 daysprior to the change taking effect. Any information collected under this currentpolicy will become subject to the terms of the revised privacy policy wheneffective. All new information collected, if any, would also be subject to therevised privacy policy. An archive of previous policies is available on thissite.


If you have questions about this policy or feel that we have actedin violation of this policy, please contact us or write us.

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