Crystal Stickle
Interim President
Cheryl Love
Director of Quality and Patient Safety
Amy Alexander
Communications Coordinator
Luanne MacNeill
Quality Initiatives Coordinator
Maudi Barnes
Accounting Manager
Kaye Lynn Mattern
Office Coordinator
Amy Barnhill
Meetings Manager
Sarah McBrearty
Strategic Planning Officer
Lecia Behenna
Director of Finance
Steve McGee
Director of Support Services
Diane Bennett
Director of Education
John Mines
Senior Vice President
Phyllis Byles
Quality Improvement Advisor
Rebecca Ryan
Administrative Assistant
Monica Corbett
Senior Vice President
Darrell Staebler
Computer Specialist & Data Analyst
Martha DeCastro
Vice President of Nursing and Clinical Care Policy
Carolyn Stich
Project Manager
Barbara Flynn
VP/Health Information & Denial Mgmt. Services
Crystal Stickle
Executive Vice President
Shirley Gilkeson
Political Committee/Accounting Services Coordinator
Kim Streit
Senior Vice President
Jennifer Greenhalgh
HIMS Operations Manager
Steve Thornton
Director of Computer Services
Sherry Greenhalgh
Meetings Coordinator
Linda Unger
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Debbie Hegarty
Manager, Surveys & Special Projects
John Wilgis
VP for Membership and Corporate Services
Susan Houghton
Coordinator/Support Services
Katie Woodward
Legislative Assistant
  Frank Zambrana
Assistant/Support Services
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